Trollvar Nature Park (activity park) is approximately 7-8 km from Mosjøen city. The park is located between three rivers. From the park there are opportunities for walks in the woods and mountains.



In the park you can relax and listen to the “silence” and see the flames from the fire. Maybe a cup of coffe or tea and something to eat. We have grill houses and tent (lavvo) that can be used in case of bad weather. In the park there are opportunities for a variety of activities both children and adult.

Of activities we offer the following: laser shooting, paintball, air rifle, arshery, crossbow, zip lines, inflatables jumping castle, rodeo bull, trampoline, golg challenge, ax throwing, knife throwing, pedal go-carts, drinking glasses soccer, sumo wrestling, hi-striker, mini bikes etc.










We can also make the competitions with various activities of different levels. We have several binoculars and telescopes so can also study the starry sky at night or may be the northern light.

If you wish to visit us, please contact us:

  • Telephone number: +047 900 11 404
  • Email: post@trollvar.no or trollvar77@gmail.com

We have liability incurance for our customers.

Best regards

If we are luky Trollvar will visit us. Trollvar is the kindest troll in the world. He performs best in nature among the birds, animals and flowers.

Nature is good that we must have, say Trollvar. If you should become a natural friend, take your trash with you home.